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9 Virus What is Spyware?
A. Spyware is a kind of program modules included in free software. It sends user's name, IP address, list of visited web sites, or visited banner's information to the specific server.

In general, Trojan Horse, and Backdoor are written as malicious code, however, Spyware does not intend to do so. But it may utilize as backdoor or Trojan Horse in a way.

To avoid this, you need to read License Agreement when you install any programs.

1. User name in system registry
2. IP address
3. List of installed software
4. List of visited URL
5. Clicked advertizing banner
6. Downloaded files information
7. User information when

Even though, when you use legal software copy, you may have the Spyware. In this case, you can remove it with ViRobot and the removal does not affect anything to your computer.
However, for freeware, the program that contains the Spyware will not run when you delete the Spyware. Before you delete the Spyware, please back up the program.

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