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25 Virobot Desktop "Activation failure" message

If there is the problem with activation, there could be the problem with serial key or connection.

Please check below.


1. Serial key error

1) Cause: If ViRobot is installed with the Inappropriate serial key abnormally, there could be Activation fail.

2) Solution: Uninstall ViRobot and reinstall with the correct serial key.

                     When enter serial key, please be careful below two things

- Among serial key, all 0s are number, not alphabet

                    - There should not be blank in the end of serial key.


2. Virus problem

1) Cause: If PC is infected by Conficker virus, there could be activation fail.

2) Solution: Please go to [Hauri website > Download > Others > Free Removal Tools] and download the latest version of 

                     Win32.Conficker. After run tool and reboot the system, then try to update.


3. Domain problem

1) Cause: If your internet service company or network blocks HAURI domain, the activation could be blocked.

2) Solution: Please contact with Internet service company or network department and request to open HAURI domain,


=> If the problem is not solved by above solutions, please contact us
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