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12 Virobot Desktop Real-time monitoring icon disappears suddenly.
The means that Real-time monitoring icon disappears can be Real-time monitoring is stopped. There can be some reason to stop it as like drive crash or service problem.

To solve this problem, please reinstall Real-Time monitoring service by following below steps.

[How to resinstall]

Step 1. Please click below [Download] button and download the script.

Step 2. The file is [vrmonsvc_reinstall.bat]
If you execute this file by double click, Real-Time monitoring is reinatalled. It takes just 2~3 seconds.

Step 3. Please check icon is displayed or service is started.

If you can not solve this problem by above ways, please give E-mail to with below information.
1. PC Requirements ex) OS, version, Applications...etc.
2. ViRobot Name and Version Ex) ViRobot Desktop5.0, ViRobot Desktop5.5 or etc.
3. Detailed Explanation about the problem
4. Others - Captured screenshot, Registry, Log and etc.

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