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What is Virus & Spyware?

The Past, Present and Future of Virus

What is Virus?Malware in other platforms
'Creeper' the first virusMalicious codes used as Cyber terror
DOS virus Born and died with MS DOSViruses in the future
Malicious codes operated in Windows
What is Virus?
What is a computer virus? Unlike a biological virus, a computer virus does not live upon a living body. Rather, it is a type of a program that operates within a computer. In other words, a computer virus has a similar form as ordinary computer programs, but its purpose is to operate in ways that are contrary to the good purposes of a computer. As a program within a computer system, viruses damage data, destroy other programs, and in most cases interrupt the normal operations of a computer.

In addition to computer viruses, I-Worms spread themselves through e-mail transmissions or backdoor programs, and can operate to steal important information from a user's computer. These programs are similar to viruses in that they interrupt the normal operations of a computer.

The purposes of computer viruses in the early days were to cause simple infection, but these days computer viruses have evolved into complex forms that have the ability to spread rapidly and cause great damage to thousands of computers in one infestation. Let us review the history of some of the major changes in computer viruses, as we look forward and prepare ourselves for the computer viruses of the future.

Description and prevention of Spyware

What is Spyware?Symptoms of Spyware
Features of SpywareTerminology
How it spreadsPrevention
What is Spyware?
It is the compound word with spy and software. It's installed in PC without agree and collect user's personal information. And the installed program interrupts using system or it's used for AD or marketing.
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