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Aliases  I-Worm.Lentin.k,WORM_YAHA.M,W32.Yaha.M@mm
Typical Symptoms  DoS attack,Displays message box,Sends email,Creates file,Process shuts down,Changes Homepage address
Discovered  [korea] 2003-03-26
 [Foreign] 2003-01-06
Type  I-Worm ActiveField  Win32
Origin  India Encryption  NO
Location  None Memory residence  NO
Scan engine needed
2003-03-27 [Able to detect & repair]
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I-Worm.Win32.Yaha.28672 is another variant of Yaha.

How it spread

I-Worm.Win32.Yaha.28672 spreads itself via email. It retrieves email addresses from the following:

- Windows address book
- User registered in .NET messenger
- User registered in MSN messenger
- Yahoo Pager
- File with the extension, HT.

* Mail subject : (Mail subject is selected from the following list.)

- Are you the BEST
- Free Win32 API source
- Learn SQL 4 Free
- I Love You..
- Wanna be like a stone ?
- Are you a Soccer Fan ?
- Sexy Screensavers 4 U
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- XXX Screensavers 4 U
- We want peace
- Wanna be a HE-MAN
- Visit us
- One Virus Writer's Story
- One Hacker's Love
- World Tour
- Whats up
- Wanna be my sweetheart ??
- Screensavers from Club Jenna
- Jenna 4 U
- Free rAVs Screensavers
- Feel the fragrance of Love
- Wanna Hack ??
- Sample KOF 2002
- The King of KOF
- Wanna Brawl ??
- Wanna Rumble ??
- Play KOF 2002 4 Free
- Demo KOF 2002
- Free Demo Game
- Wanna be friends ??
- Need money ??
- Are you beautiful
- Who is your Valentine
- Free Screenavers of Love
- Free XXX
- Free Screensavers
- WWE Screensavers
- Freak Out
- Wanna be friends ?
- Things to note
- Lovers Corner
- Patch for Elkern.gen
- Patch for Klez.H
- Free Screensavers 4 U
- Project
- Sample Screensavers
- Are you in Love
- I am in Love
- I Love You
- You are so sweet
- The Hotmail Hack
- U realy Want this
- to ur lovers
- to ur friends
- Find a good friend
- Learn How To Love
- Are you looking for Love
- Wowwwwwwwwwww check it
- Check ur friends Circle
- The world of Friendship
- Shake it baby
- How sweet this Screen saver
- war Againest Loneliness
- Need a friend?
- Say 'I Like You' To ur friend
- love speaks from the heart
- Let's Dance and forget pains
- Looking for Friendship
- True Love
- make ur friend happy
- Who is ur Best Friend
- hey check it yaar
- Check this shit
- Hello
- Hi

*Body text (Body text is selected from the following list.)

(Mail text 1)
did u always dreamnt of hacking ur friends hotmail account..
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ur my best friend thats why sending to u..
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(Mail text 2)
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(Mail text 3)
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are u in a rocking mood...
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(Mail text 4)
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(Mail text 5)
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forget the pain of loneliness

(Mail text 6)
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(Mail text 7)
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(Mail text 8)
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(Mail text 9)
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(Mail text 10)
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anyway to know yourself better than you have ever known check
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(Mail text 11)
Hey pal,
you know friendship is like a business...
to get something you need to give something..
though its not that harsh as business but to
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(Mail text 12)
Its quite obvious that in our life we have numerous friends
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anyway i found one way to find who is my best friend..
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..then you will know more about him..

(Mail text 13)
Hey pal,
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(Mail text 14)
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(Mail text 15)

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(Mail text 16)
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(Mail text 17)
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(Mail text 18)
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*File attachment (File attachment is selected from the following.)

- The_Best.scr
- Codeproject.scr
- SQL_4_Free.scr
- I_Love_You.scr
- Stone.scr
- Sex.scrSoccer.scr
- Real.scr
- Plus6.scr
- Plus2.scr
- Playboy.scr
- Hardcore4Free.scr
- xxx4Free.scr
- Screensavers.scr
- Peace.scr
- Body_Building.scr
- Services.scr
- VXer_The_LoveStory.scr
- Hacker_The_LoveStory.scr
- World_Tour.scr
- up_life.scr
- Sweetheart.scr
- Sexy_Jenna.scr
- Jenna_Jemson.scr
- zDenka.scr
- Ravs.scr
- Free_Love_Screensavers.scr
- Romeo_Juliet.scr
- Hacker.scr
- KOF_Fighting.exe
- KOF_Sample.exe
- KOF_Demo.exe
- KOF_The_Game.exe
- KOF2002.exe
- King_of_Figthers.exe
- KOF.exe
- My_Sexy_Pic.scr
- MyProfile.scr
- Ways_To_Earn_Money.exe
- Beautifull.scr
- Valentines_Day.scr
- Britney_Sample.scr
- FreakOut.exe
- MyPic.scr
- Notes.exe
- Cupid.scr
- Romantic.scr
- Project.exe
- Love.scr
- friendship_funny.scr
- Colour_of_life.scr
- Life.scr
- Best_friend.scr
- Friend_happy.scr
- True_love.scr
- Gc_messenger_exe
- Dance.scr
- I_like_you.scr
- Friend_finder_exe
- Be_happy.scr
- Sweet.scr
- Shake.scr
- World_of_friendship.scr
- Friendship.scr
- Funny.scr
- Hotmail_hack_exe.scr

Infection symptoms

1. Upon execution, the worm displays a fake error message box:

Title : Initialisation Error
Message : Required file Riched32.dll not found. Application initialisation error  

2. The worm places itself as the following files to the Windows system folder.

- WinServices.exe.
- Nav32_loader.exe
- Tcpsvs32.exe

3. The worm creates one of files below.

- Hotmail_hack.exe
- Friendship.scr
- World_of_friendship.scr
- Shake.scr
- Sweet.scr
- Be_happy.scr
- Friend_finder.exe
- I_like_you.scr
- Love.scr
- Dance.scr
- Gc_messenger.exe
- True_love.scr
- Friend_happy.scr
- Best_friend.scr
- Life.scr
- Colour_of_life.scr
- Friendship_funny.scr
- Funny.scr

4. The worm registers itself in the following registry so as to auto-execute itself in every boot-up.

- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun

Name: WinServices
Data: (Windows system folder)WinServices.exe


- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRunServices

Name: WinServices
Data: (Windows system folder)WinServices.exe

5. The worm modifies the following registry so as to execute itself automatically whenever any program is executed.

- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareClassesexefileshellopencommand

Name : Default
Data: (Windows system folder)Nav32_loader.exe"%1 %*

6. If the system date is March 25 or May 22, the worm displays the following message box and switches function of mouse button.

Title : You are my Best Friend
Message : Happy Birthday Dear

7. Every Thursday, the worm randomly changes the main page of Internet Explorer to one of the following websites.

- http:/ /
- http:/ /
- http:/ /
- http:/ /
- http:/ /
- http:/ /
- http:/ /
- http:/ /
- http:/ /
- http:/ /

8. The worm terminates the following processes (majority are processes of security program).

- F-PROT95
- TDS2-98
- SCAN32
- F-AGNT95
- VET95
- NOD32
- _AVP32
- NVC95
- NAVW32
- AVP32

9. The infected system attempts to access the following site, causing network traffic to the site. This is a form of DoS (Denial of Service) attack.


Removal Instructions
How to repair

Download ViRobot definitions file of March 27, 2003 to detect/repair (removal of worm file/modification of registry).

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