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What is SPAM?

Description and prevention of SPAM

Description and prevention of SPAMDamage of SPAM
Reason for increasing SPAMHow to prevent SPAM
Description and prevention of SPAM
E-mail doesn't require much cost for advertisement, thus it could be a very useful marketing method; however, the unconditional Ads E-mails can't be valuable but a social pollution only. This kind of Ads E-mail that recipients do not want to receive is called by 'Spam'. Spam mail causes recipients' annoyingness, decreases the Ads effects, and brings many social issues such as the invasion of privacy, increasing social cost, loss of work efficiency, and etc.

* The origins of SPAM
The original 'Spam' is a trademark of canned pork from Hormel Foods Corporation. When 'Spam' came out to market at first, Hormel Foods promoted this product enormously and it caused people's annoyingness as a result. Since then, people generally call a large amount bully Ads E-mail to 'SPAM'.
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