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ViRobot  Mail Security

  • ViRobot  Mail Security

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ViRobot Mail Security is the remarkably enhanced proxy type anti-spam security solution. It is easily deployable with security policy settings by system administrator and it provides the most powerful anti-spam filtering as well as anti-virus filtering. Moreover, the policies can be applied via remote control anytime, anywhere by using user interface in the web environment.

With powerful smart spam filter, it detects various and sophisticated malicious mails thus it promises the best anti-spam environment.

* ViRobot Mail Security 1.0 includes Anti –Spam engine of Commtouch.

Service Filter
Enable to manage IP address and E-mail address as Black/White List and there is SPF (Sender Policy Frame-work) function that check the sender.

User Filter
Administrator can register the words or phrase to filter and set the priority.

Anti-Virus Filter
Enable to scan the attachment of E-mail and block virus and set the options as like multi-compression, file format and etc.

Smart Spam Filter
Once find out the new pattern, it sends to the data center (200 message per a second) and check if it is malicious mail or not.
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